AppSoft is a professional innovation laboratory, start up builder and venture production firm. We invest capital and human resources to bring new companies to market. Our focus is on our own disruptive ideas in the mobile digital technology sectors. We create a closed eco-system machinery, that controls the whole value chain, from the idea to the exit, minimizing most of the common startup risks and maximizing the chance of success. Currently incubating 3 startup ideas around the social graph, especially in the social games, mobile technology and social network sectors. We attract the kind of people who could start their own company, but they don’t necessarily want to run a company. They’d rather be the co-founder of eight things than tied down for years as the sole founder of one. They’d rather build... Is founder of AppSoft and startet his career after an Master degree in Business of Princeton University, USA at Ernst & Young and Deutsche Bank. He built up a wide network of investors, business angels and coporate finance. After his Master degree in software development, he worked as an software engineer for Apple. Later on he was responsible for various software development departements at Apple and later on at Adobe. He holds different awards for programming. iPhone and iPad are rapidly developing and now play a large and established role in digital everyday life. The real extent of their potential is far from exhausted. The digital consumer is demanding. Only an integrated workflow between creatives and media allows communication that focuses on the consumer and delivers a relevant message. User experience means thinking like a user so that you can make complex apps and processes easy and accessible. Intuitive and self-explanatory. You want to offer real benefits and enrich everyday living. Innovative frontend and backend technology drives the presentation of digital marketing activities forward. Whether via the internet, a mobile phone, or at point of sale. Our team of more than 15 developers is in a position to realize complex technical solutions. This guarantees that the solution is a reliable one. The mobile channel is the digital channel of the future. It’s always there and always on. We are convinced that Mobile Marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities, each taking advantage of the strengths of that particular channel. That’s how we achieve what is most important to users today – being able to decide when, how and over which channel they will come in contact with brands. Analytics shouldn't begin after the app has been built. A blueprint for effective tracking - and a successful app or campaign - should be developed in the planning phase. Which analysis software should be slected, where should the codes be implemented, how can the goals of the app be defined to make them measurable? As an innovation lab and Innovation as a service agency we work closely together with corporate partners and brand owners, offering innovative products and the flexibility of a startup environment. We avoid corporate bureaucracy as well as restrictions and enable our business partners to adapt or create new product innovations. Once we have identified a new opportunity together with our partners, a team within innovationpunks will work on transforming the idea into a viable product to be launched into the market. After success in the market, a product and its team can be spun-off from innovationpunks to become an external, separate company or part of an existing organization. At present we offer with our investment advisor Commerz Invest in a pivate placement 10% of our share-capital to raise capital for new strategic investments and to roll out our business in North-America and Asia.